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DJ Choc and two of the limited edition vinyl in the collection
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DJ Choc the Master of Mix
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The studio is a second home, late night, big hits, long days many tracks.
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From a young age (as you can see). DJ Choc has always been the first choice when it came to private events
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Comedian Isaac Gampu and DJ Choc live from the vinyl vaults
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From Clubs to pubs, from celebs to plebs, DJ Choc has a mix and is totally at home behind the decks
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The Vinyl Vault, 50 thousand Vinyls, the history or music, the love of music and the mix on Vinyl is a skill, catch all the videos on our XOTV channel
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DJ Choc live event on Vinyl
DJ Choc live at DJ Mshega event
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We offer studio recordings, Vinyl private events, live streaming, mastering and producing all under one roof with the latest equipment, professional staff and The Master Himself.