2014 - The progress of the Windhoek Lager Gig Rig in picture, week one the frame manufactured and installed on the body.

The generator cavity, the storage facility, the under carriage storage and the stage and roof.

This phase one was done over a two week period.

Phase two, generator cavity and sound proofing with ventilation and extraction fans, stage hydraulics and panels installed,

cladding and aluminum finishing in the interior

Phase three, the installation of the sound equipment and Dj Box.
All sound equipment secured, speakers on sliders to move out into the crowd from the special speaker cavity, the side door works with hydraulics allowing the open side to become the roof and the stage, the stage i secure with stairs at the front as well as two strong legs. The Dj Sound Box has ventilation for the heat of the amps, all equipment is securely fitted and based on a rubberized base to allow for movement when the vehicle travels in the rural areas,packing space for Dj equipment or promotional items. Two storage cavities to the right and the left on the vehicle.
Bass Bins and tops are secured into the special cavity made to size.

The final phase, the par can lighting, the Dj booth, stage secured by stairs as well as extra legs, the roof secured by pillars, allowing extra branding in full view of the audience.
Storage facility underneath the stage.

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Final Phase