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The Legends in the Vault, weeks of planning, hours of research, a little blood sweat and tears,all in a good day’s work not to mention the coffee and the dusting.

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Some deep thinking going on here, Maybe we just trying to be cool as the selection takes time, planning, research and little bit of LL Cool J

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The door to Vinyl’s in the Vault,

Dan Nkosi and “Om Alec Khaoli

Chicco – We don’t need war and

Sankomota, bringing back memories of great artists and times

Opening the door only brings listening pleasure

Vinyls hold a mystery, the design of the cover, the feel of the vinyl, the sound, even  younger producers and DJ’s are captivated.

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The DJ Legend with the the worlds greatest songwriter, performer and superstar “MJ”, just one of his limited edition vinyls,in the collection, The original Michael Jackson Vinyl,

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“Love to Love you baby” and NO we don’t color code the staff to the decor!  Who remembers Donna Summer, hot and sexy and Boney M belting out through shopping malls every December?.