#vvs Vinyl Vault Session  #vftv Vinyls From The Vault


DJ Choc brings you the Vinyl from the Vault Session

A weekly three hour vinyl session live, The legend will share his 30 year + collection of 50 000 vinyls, his knowledge, his skill and the love for vinyls.

We will broadcast live from his studio, Chocs Pro Sound, each session will be unique, a selection through the ages and genre’s only on vinyl, the session will be hosted by maestro of the mic, music historian and comedian Isaac Gambu, together they will share the history of the set, first release dates and original artist, a few sneaky bits as well and some great facts about tunes we love and have no idea who wrote or performed them.

Tracks from way back then and tracks we simply can’t find. This is must for any serious music lover, the collectors and the Old School Fanatics.


With this vast collection of vinyls, the DJ states………….

“I will not repeat a track in one year of the broadcast””


3 hours a week for one year. Now that is a challenge and History in the making. #vinyloclock #djchocsa #vvs 


Live each Sunday from 3pm to 6pm on Facebook and XOTV




The Legends in the Vault, weeks of planning, hours of research, a little blood sweat and tears,all in a good day’s work not to mention the coffee and the dusting.


The door to Vinyls in the Vault,

Chicco – We don’t need war and

Sankomota, bringing back memories of great artists and times

Opening the door only brings listening pleasure


The DJ Legend with the the worlds greatest songwriter, performer and superstar “MJ”, just one of his limited edition vinyls,in the collection, The original Michael Jackson Vinyl,


Some deep thinking going on here,Maybe we just trying to be cool as the selection takes time, planning, research and little bit of LL Cool J


Vinyls hold a mystery, the design of the cover, the feel of the vinyl, the sound, even  younger producers and DJ’s are captivated.


“Love to Love you baby”and NO we don’t color code the staff to the decor!  Who remembers Donna Summer, hot and sexy and Boney M belting out through shopping malls every December?.